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    • Occupational Therapy

      Leaps-n-Bounds offers pediatric occupational therapy services to the San Diego county area. Our preventative and restorative treatment process is designed to improve psychosocial and developmental abilities in children and young adults.

    • Infant Massage

      Research has shown that babies who experience nurturing touch and infant massage on a regular basis demonstrate better sleep patterns, decreased stress levels and increased trust and attachment with their parents.

    • Fine Motor Delay

      Fine Motor Delay is any disruption or dysfunction in the coordination of the muscles, bone and/or nerves that produce small and precise movements of the hand. Fine motor delays relate to a child’s inability to function with their hands according to their age.

    • Sensory Processing and Integration

      Sensory experiences include touch, pressure, movement, sight and sound. These basic sensory systems form the foundation for body awareness, activity tolerance, and skill development. The process of the brain organizing and interpreting multi-sensory input is called sensory integration.

  • Leaps-n-Bounds is a complete occupational therapy clinic.

    We specialize in addressing the unique needs of your child and anticipate his or her future needs.

    Although we are a pediatric clinic, our occupational therapists are experienced working with individuals across the life span, from Early Intervention, Schools (public and non-public), outpatient pediatric hospitals, rehabilitation and acute care hospitals, to skilled nursing facilities. This allows our therapists to have a unique perspective on our clients’ current needs, as well as anticipate their future needs as they grow into adulthood.

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